LT2 Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories

STEMIE and Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories collaborated with early STEM incubators to develop and refine the learning trajectories for science, technology, engineering, and math. What is that? Play the video to meet our team and learn more.

Two young children playing with blocks

Learning is fun for all!

And we made it easy to implement and improve in six steps.

Woman feeding two young children fruit

Learning Trajectories

Learning Trajectory activities make it simple to enhance your child’s playtime as well as everyday routines and activities to help them progress toward goals.

Consider adaptations

Make adaptations to enable children to fully participate as independently as possible. Check out Guide to Adaptations for ideas that can be used to promote positive and active STEM learning experiences for each and every child.


Provide access by considering the environment, activities, and routines for the room or set a length of time.


Make modifications to toys, plan the materials, and have ready the AT devices you will use.


Think of the guidance and information for support you can provide, even if it’s just reducing the number of steps.

STEM Discovery Resources

STEMIE offers a variety of STEM-related resources that allow for broad explorations of STEM ideas in daily routines and activities. These activities are designed to help you interact with and observe your child’s thinking in action with STEM explorations and discover interests.

STEM Storybook Conversations

Explore the storybooks that – in addition to being adored and well-respected children’s literature – offer an opportunity to expand on STEM ideas.  Suggested adaptations, question prompts, and activities are provided with each tipsheet.

STEMIE Learning Trajectories